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About Us

Positivity, playfulness, and personal empowerment are at the heart of everything we do at Miss Zoe.

We give voice to authenticity, opinion, and joyful irreverence through a mix of witty pins, patches, and fun practical accessories. With Miss Zoe, cat jokes and playground innuendos are no longer a secret giggle had when no one’s looking – but a fast-growing language of self-expression and connection for individuals across the world.

Our journey began in 2005. Blood, sweat, tears and years later, we’ve built relationships with the best overseas manufacturers and suppliers who we trust to make the best quality, eco-friendly pins. They’re now in our dedicated, audited factory where ethical and safety standards are high, and communication barriers are down.

Place your order, leave messages, ask questions and oversee creation from start to finish. It’s that simple! Shop your pins today and get them delivered worldwide.