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Japanese Style Art Enamel Pin

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Japanese traditional art is one of the most alluring in the world. This enamel pin draws inspiration from two of the most popular Ukiyo-e woodblock prints of infamous Japanese artist Hokusai namely The Great Wave and The Red Fuji. The design of the pins is an animated representation of the original painting with abstract colors and a smiley face drawn on the mountain.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Eco-Friendly Paints
  • Weight: 5-8g
  • Size: 1.1″x1″/ 0.8″x1.1″


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Why should I get my pins made through you?

We’ve created the pain-free platform we wish we could have used back in the day. Place your order, then use your dedicated online project management board to upload and approve artwork, leave messages, ask questions and oversee creation from start to finish. It’s that simple!

Wait, the pins are made in China?

Yeah, you heard us right! Most places are getting their pins produced in China too, but are charging you a massive multiple and pretending they made them. The remarkable thing is, we already did the hard work. Our approved factory is audited to make sure it meets ethical and safety standards.